Sandbag Terrain Made From Green Stuff

This past week, when I wasn’t at Kingdom-con, I made some sandbag terrain from Green Stuff.  I’m not going to get into how to work with Green Stuff, the link I provided covers that.

I’ve never worked with Green Stuff before.  It wasn’t too difficult.  I made 2 different sandbag walls, using 2 different methods.

I was making some bases for Khurasan’s Female Auxiliaries and I had some Green Stuff left over, so I made the first sandbag wall.  A few days later, I made the second one.  The first one, I kept the sandbags connected in a row, not cutting all the way through Green Stuff.  For the second set, I decided to make individual sandbags, and stack them.



Green Stuff Sandbag Terrain 15mm


Green Stuff Sandbag Terrain 15mm


I think the individual sandbags looks way better.  It didn’t take much longer to do, either.

I have a tool that has a textured grip, so I rolled the grip across the top of the sandbags for texture.  Paint, black wash, sepia wash, and a dry brush.

I based them on thick cardboard, because that’s what I have around the house.  Vinyl wall spackle mixed with sand in a thin layer on the cardboard, then some sand and very little static grass, since my battle mat is desert themed.

I hope to mess with the Green Stuff some more in the future.