Painting Khurasan’s Female Auxiliaries

I’ve finished my Gruntz army (post coming soon) and I am painting some “character” figures, still in 15mm Sci-Fi, in anticipation of my Traveller 5 rulebook arriving from the Kickstarter.  I ordered a bunch of civilians, aliens, robots, etc from both GZG and Khurasan.

One set from Khurasan is their “15mm Female Auxiliaries in Light Armour with energy weapons (x5)” (TTC-3008). 


Here they are cleaned up, before painting.  There was minimal flash, and just some very minor mold lines to take care of.  They cleaned up very quickly.


Khurasan Female

And here they are done.  They went pretty quickly, since the body-suits are a solid color.  I spent more time on the hair than anything else.  The painting & wash was done in an evening.


Khurasan Female

I did want to do something different for the bases.  Up until now I’ve just done the standard “ground with sand” and maybe some grass.  I did my best to avoid the “pitcher’s mound” and make the base level, but it’s tough without removing the figure’s built in base.


Khurasan Female

So, I went with a kind of polished concrete look, with some industrial stuff on it.  I made it shiny with Citadel’s ‘Ardcoat.

I’m pretty happy with how they came out.  I used spackling for the base, as I’ve been doing with my Gruntz army.  I think next time I’ll try Green Stuff.  I just got some to make sandbag terrain with, and I’m eager to try it out.