Kingdom-con Day 2 – part 2

I am recovering from last nights Drunk Quest events, slowly.

Saturday at Kingdom-con was much busier.  All the tables in the wargame room were being used, and there were a lot more people around in general.  Parking was tight, but I eventually found a spot.

As I said last night (this morning?) I played a lot of Drunk Quest.  It’s a very fun game.  I also played a demo of Flames Of War.  That was really fun.  We played with the figures provided by the Open Fire! starter pack.  I played the Allies, and I had 2 groups of tanks, and 1 group of infantry.  Tom, who was hosting the demo, played the Germans, and he had 2 groups of infantry and 1 group of tanks.

The figures are plastic, 15mm.  I was very impressed with the details, and the paint job and basing on them was really good.  The game took about 2 hours, and I really enjoyed it.  Tom plays regularly at a local game store, and I might go over there and play again.  Here’s some pics:

IMG_0762 IMG_0764


And here’s some pics of Drunk Quest:

IMG_0769 IMG_0771


At some point today, I’ve got to go back and get my car.  I took a cab home last night, as I was in no shape to drive.


Here’s some random pics from Kingdom-con Saturday:

IMG_0751 IMG_0756 IMG_0757 IMG_0760