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Basing With Citadel Texture – Rebel Minis 15mm Government Types

I painted Rebel Mini’s 15mm Government Types and I wanted to base them like they were standing in the street or a parking lot.  I decided to try CItadel’s texture paints.  I use Citadel because they are easily available at several hobby stores near my home and work.

I’m pretty happy with how they came out.

painted_front painted_back

Painting done and sprayed with Dullcote – front and back view.  There’s a pic of these in bare metal and with just primer on in my post What’s On My Table – June 2013 Edition.



Spackling, mixed with a bit of water to thin it, applied to the base to build it up even with the figure’s built in base.



Then I sanded the spackling flat.  I’ll probably skip this step in the future.  It messed up some of the figure’s feet, which I had to go back and fix, and I don’t see that it really made a difference to the bases.



I then applied the Citadel texture “Astrogranite”.  It’s pretty thick, so I thinned it with some water.  It was still more like a basing material than paint.  You don’t brush it on so much as push it around.



Then I painted on some road lines and parking space lines.  Then a light gray dry brush. Then a black border.  If you’ve read my blog before, you know the bases are from – 20mm around, 0.8mm thick wood base with a heavy duty magnet bottom stuck underneath it.



Is the guy in the front, 2nd from left, talking on the phone or smoking a cigarette?  I can’t really tell, so I’m going with talking on the phone.  That way he’ll get brain cancer instead of lung cancer.




I like how these turned out – the figures and the bases.  I plan to use them with the Monster Hunter International RPG.


Mall Cops

I finished my Rebel Minis 15mm Mall Cops tonight.  Rebel also has “US Policemen”, but the Mall Cops have these awesome mustaches, and I just couldn’t resist.  I intend to use them for the Monster Hunter International RPG, but cop figures have a wide range of uses.


The base coat is done, and they are ready for a wash.



After the wash and some minor highlights.



After basing.



A select few.  The guy on the left is the only figure of the 8 that has no mustache.  I imagine the rest of the squad give him crap about it all the time.  “Nice job, Frank, for a guy with no mustache”. “You would do better with the ladies if you had a sweet ‘stache like mine.” etc…  🙂

What’s on my Table – June 2013 Edition.

I’m taking a break from painting Dreadball to work on some 15mm stuff I got from Rebel Minis.  I’ve got a Monster Hunter International RPG campaign starting next month, and I want to get some monster minis ready for it.  To that end, I ordered a bunch of werewolves, zombies, cops, FBI agents and more from Rebel Minis and Khurasan.


This first batch is from Rebel Minis, since they arrived first.  In fact, I ordered on a Sunday night and they arrived on Thursday.  Now that’s quick service!

There’s a some shipping containers, some sci-fi troops to round out my Earth Force, some “mall cops”, who all have awesome mustaches, werewolves, and government agents.

Here they are after cleaning.



Here they are primed and ready for paint.  In the back are some minis that have been hanging around my work table waiting for paint for a while now – 2 from GZG and 1 from Khurasan.



The finished shipping containers.



The finished werewolves.  They are kinda boring, I think.  Brown on brown.  I tried to get some red on the eyes, but they are too small – I just made a mess that I had to go back and fix.  Same for the teeth.  Anyway, you can tell what they are.


In the back of those last two pics, you can kinda see a special order I just got from Khurasan.  More on them and the rest of what’s on my table in a future post.

Happy gaming!

Gam3 Day May 2013

I just got back from May Gam3 Day 2013, put on by the Gam3rCon people.  I had a really good time.


It’s held at the 10th Ave Theater downtown, which is about 8 miles from my house, so I really had no excuse not to go.  Hodad’s (a great burger joint) is next door.  So, I walk in at about 3pm, Hodad’s in hand, and 10 seconds later I’m sitting at a table playing Pandemic.


Pandemic is a cooperative game where the players are trying to stop a plague from wiping out humanity.  We lost.  🙁  It was fun though, I definitely need to pick it up.

Immediately after that, I played a demo of Judge Dredd.


This was hosted by a guy named Ron, who was a good guy.  The Judge Dredd rules can be downloaded for free.

Then I watched a quick game of Chrononauts :


Chrononauts was crazy.  I’m not sure I quite grasped it.

After that, Ron (the Judge Dredd guy – above) hosted a game of Dungeon Crawl Classics which was a ton of fun.


Closing time rolled around too soon, and we got cut a bit short, but it was a great afternoon.

Eclipse Phase – “Transhuman: The Eclipse Phase Player’s Guide” kickstarter now up and running

Transhuman: The Eclipse Phase Player’s Guide kickstarter is now up.  I first found out about Eclipse Phase just last week. It’s a Sci-Fi roleplaying game that is licensed under the Creative Commons.  I’m a huge open source supporter, in software and in the arts.  I’m in a rock band, The Experiments, and all our music is Creative Commons licensed.  So, it’s a no brainer that a Creative Commons Sci-Fi RPG is going to get my support. 🙂

Just yesterday, my Eclipse Phase hard copy rulebook arrived, and it’s just gorgeous.  Hardback, thick paper, vivid colors, built in ribbon bookmark – it’s the most beautiful rulebook I’ve ever seen.

So, I’ve supported this kickstarter, and I urge you to do so, as well.