Eclipse Phase – “Transhuman: The Eclipse Phase Player’s Guide” kickstarter now up and running

Transhuman: The Eclipse Phase Player’s Guide kickstarter is now up.  I first found out about Eclipse Phase just last week. It’s a Sci-Fi roleplaying game that is licensed under the Creative Commons.  I’m a huge open source supporter, in software and in the arts.  I’m in a rock band, The Experiments, and all our music is Creative Commons licensed.  So, it’s a no brainer that a Creative Commons Sci-Fi RPG is going to get my support. 🙂

Just yesterday, my Eclipse Phase hard copy rulebook arrived, and it’s just gorgeous.  Hardback, thick paper, vivid colors, built in ribbon bookmark – it’s the most beautiful rulebook I’ve ever seen.

So, I’ve supported this kickstarter, and I urge you to do so, as well.