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Gam3 Day May 2013

I just got back from May Gam3 Day 2013, put on by the Gam3rCon people.  I had a really good time.


It’s held at the 10th Ave Theater downtown, which is about 8 miles from my house, so I really had no excuse not to go.  Hodad’s (a great burger joint) is next door.  So, I walk in at about 3pm, Hodad’s in hand, and 10 seconds later I’m sitting at a table playing Pandemic.


Pandemic is a cooperative game where the players are trying to stop a plague from wiping out humanity.  We lost.  🙁  It was fun though, I definitely need to pick it up.

Immediately after that, I played a demo of Judge Dredd.


This was hosted by a guy named Ron, who was a good guy.  The Judge Dredd rules can be downloaded for free.

Then I watched a quick game of Chrononauts :


Chrononauts was crazy.  I’m not sure I quite grasped it.

After that, Ron (the Judge Dredd guy – above) hosted a game of Dungeon Crawl Classics which was a ton of fun.


Closing time rolled around too soon, and we got cut a bit short, but it was a great afternoon.