SAGA: Anglo-Danes vs Jomsvikings

Had two fun games of SAGA today against my buddy Yu over at At Ease Games.  He played the Jomsvikings and I played the Anglo-Danes.  We played 4 points each, as that’s all we each had painted.  The Jomsviking force was all hearthguard (two points with Dane axes), while the Anglo-Danes were two points of hearthguard (1 point with Dane axes) and two points of warriors.

First we played the Clash Of Warlords scenario:

face_offAnglo-Danes with their backs to the camera.  The Anglo-Dane warlord advanced with a unit of hearthguard at his side.  The Jomsvikings attacked, killed all the hearthguard, then attacked again, and killed the warlord.

Next we played the Battle at the Ford scenario:

crossing_the_bridgeThe Jomsvikings came pouring over the bridge, to be met by Anglo-Dane hearthguard and warriors.  The Jomsvikings put up a good fight, be eventually their warlord was caught exposed and died.

SAGA is a fun game and I can’t wait to get my levy painted so I can try out missile attacks.