Games Workshop vs Wargames Factory

Earlier today I made a post about my SAGA warband. I stated that I thought the Wargames Factory saxons were disappointing as archers (also that the basic pose was the same as my hearthguard and warriors, and I wanted some variety)

EDIT: I did try to get the Gripping Beast saxon bowmen, but they seem to be sold out in the USA.

I bought some Warhammer Bretonnia Peasant Bowmen to use instead. The Wargames Factory plastics are $15.99 for 32 soldiers. That’s 50 cents each. However, they take about an hour to assemble 4 minis. Body, both arms, head and weapon are all separate. The Warhammer kit was $35 (cheaper on Amazon) for 16 minis, plus a bunch of extras – wood stake and chain defensive emplacement, bases, dog, a really nice flag, a beer keg, various decals, etc.

That still comes out to $2+ per mini. However, most of them are body + head, so WAY less assembly. Also, the quality is just so much better.

Here’s a comparison pic. The glue is still wet on the Warhammer minis. Wargames Factory in the middle.