Barbed Wire Barriers

I made some barbed wire barriers, and it was pretty easy.

I used:

  • toothpicks – from my local grocery store
  • steel wire – from my local hardware store
  • rectangular wooden bases – from my local craft store
  • super glue / paint / basing material – the usual stuff


Take a 3 foot long piece of wire, and fold it in half around a pen or pencil.  Hold both parts of the wire and spin the pen in such a way that one strand wraps around the other strand.  So one stays straight while the other wraps around it.  When this is done, cut the loose ends off, and wrap the whole thing around the pen to make the spiral shape shown above.

Cut 3 sections of toothpick.  I cut the tapered ends off and kept the middle part.  Wire cutters work fine for this.  Take 3 sections and glue them to make the “tank trap” shape show in the picture above.

Glue 2 of the tank traps to each base.  Prime and paint the base and tank traps.  Put your basing material on the base.

Once the whole thing is painted and based, glue on the barbed wire.  Paint some rust / blood on it.


wargame barbed wire

There ya go. Cheap and easy.  Fairly quick, too.

I use these to play Gruntz, and I make them impassable to vehicles, and infantry has to stop, and take an extra action to cross them.