Kingdom-con Day 1

Yesterday (Friday April 5, 2013) I went to Kingdom-con here in San Diego.  I’ll be going back later today.

Kingdom-con is a small gaming convention that I found out about from a newsletter I picked up at a local game store.  It’s being held 5 miles from my house, so I really have no excuse to not attend.  It’s $50 at the door for a 3 day pass.  They have a large wargaming room, mostly Warhammer and historics, a central lobby with several tables of miniature games, and another large room with open gaming, 10 vendors, and a game library.  The game library has hundreds of games anyone can check out and play.

So, here’s my pics and comments:

IMG_0728 IMG_0730

I played a demo game of Infinity.  I’d never played before, but it was easy to pick up.  We played 4 figures to a side, and the game took about 30 minutes.  I won.  🙂 The figures were really nice. Officially 28mm, they seemed bigger, but I didn’t measure them.



I also played a demo game of Drunk Quest.  It was 2 in the afternoon, so I just drank water.  It’s like Munchkin with drinking.  It was super fun, and I bought a copy.  There’s a tournament with real drinking tonight.  I might join. 🙂


IMG_0746 IMG_0744

I picked up a set of Irondice.  They are “silver-plated miniature white metal and covered with a translucent paint”.  They come with rules for a dice game, but I just bought them because they look freakin’ cool.  I’m just going to use them as regular D6 for gaming.



For every event / demo / etc you participate in, you get a token.  At any time, you can cash your tokens in for prizes.  It’s like skee-ball!



This part really made me laugh.  Right there in the rules, right on your badge, it says, “Please remember to stay clean and shower.” 🙂

In closing, here’s some pics I took in the wargaming room.  I have nothing left to say, except I’m going back today.  I plan to attend a demo of Flames Of War.

IMG_0736 IMG_0735 IMG_0734 IMG_0733 IMG_0722 IMG_0720 IMG_0718 IMG_0717 IMG_0716