GZG Full Thrust Intro Fleet Double – Part 3

Part 3 – finishing the ESU Fleet


I decided to touch up some of the red parts that were a little sloppy.



Now it’s time to attach the bases. Here are all the base pieces.



I used epoxy to attach the base to the ships, because the fit was pretty loose, and superglue needs an exact fit. Epoxy will fill in spaces, superglue won’t.



Here they all are on the bases. I glued the “pole” to each ship, but I only had to glue the “pole” to the hex base for 1 ship, the rest were tight enough to not have to glue them.



I’m getting ready to spray them all over with a clear matte finish / sealer. This will protect the paint, and give them a nice finished look and a bit more contrast. I don’t want to get the sealer on the bases, because it makes them look “fogged”, so I made these little skirts to protect the base.



Here we are in the back yard ready to spray.


GZG ESU Intro Fleet

And here they are after being sealed. The color seems to stand out more now. Compare with picture #4, where they had not yet been sealed. At this point, they are completely finished.




Here’s a closeup of the battlecruiser. I’m pretty happy with it. Next, I’m going to start on the UNSC fleet. The steps will be the same, so I’ll probably repeat myself some. After that, I will try my hand at custom storage.