Khurasan’s Little Green Imperialist Warriors

Little green men.  The staple of 50’s Sci-Fi.  I was browsing Khurasan’s 15mm Sci-Fi pages when I happened across them, and I knew right away they’d be fun to paint.  I think that’s an important quality in miniatures – fun to paint.  The order I placed at Khurasan that day was all “fun to paint” minis.  Nothing for my armies, nothing I even had an intended use for, but just stuff that would be fun.  Fleeing scientists, women with big (ahem) guns, aliens, predators, hill people.  Fun stuff.


Cleaned up and ready for primer.  They were pretty clean already, it only took a few minutes to clean the minor flash and mold lines.  Khurasan is pretty good about that stuff.


15mm Little Green Imperialist Warriors PLA-12

Painted and based.  If you look close, you can see their tiny little faces are actually way down at the bottom of their giant heads.


15mm Little Green Imperialist Warriors PLA-12

I decided to go with a “Martian soil” look for the base.


Khurasan_PLA-12_Little_Green_Imperialist_Warriors_group_top Khurasan_PLA-12_Little_Green_Imperialist_Warriors_single_rear

Is it weird that I think their little alien butts are kinda cute?

Yeah, that’s weird.  Forget I said anything.



So, I’m painting then, and I’m thinking “why am I so sloppy with these details?” Then I realize, these guys are tiny.


15mm Little Green Imperialist Warriors PLA-12 size comparison with GZG and Rebel Miniatures

Here’s a size comparison with a GZG power armor and a Rebel Mini’s Earth Force Marine.

I had fun painting these guys.  I know they are mean little bastards that would shoot me on sight, but they are just so darned cute, with their little blue suits and white shoes.  Like little kids paying sailor.


Ok, maybe I’m reading too much into this.  🙂