Dreadball Human Team Part 1

Yesterday, I started on the Human team that comes with Dreadball.  Today, I painted the 2 guards. They were a test for my color scheme, and I’m happy with it.  The light blue didn’t come out very strong, but I’m good with that.


The assembled models.  From left to right:  a striker (there are 4), jack (there are 4), and guard (there are 2).



I primed all the models, and washed them.  This is so I can play the game with them, even before they are painted.

Today, I painted the 2 guards. I had half a plan when I started, and it evolved as I went.  That’s pretty much how I paint most things.

This is a guard basecoated and ready for a wash.



I washed it very heavily in black.  When it was dry I highlighted and drybrushed it.

Next, I need to apply the number decal, then spray on a few coats of Dullcote varnish.  The Dullcote puts the finishing touch on it, plus it protects the paint.  I just love how minis look after a coat of Dullcote. It’s hard to describe, but they just look “finished”.  After that, I’ll put just a dab of Citadel’s ‘Ardcoat on the eyes to make them shiny.

Then it’s 2 down, 8 to go!